• Criminal Appellate Law

Criminal Appellate Law

It’s never over until it’s over.

A criminal conviction is a weighty burden. Sometimes the convictions are just. Sometimes, they’re unjust. However, every conviction must be had in accordance with the laws of the State of Texas and the United States Constitution. Whenever there has been a material error at trial, a criminal defendant must turn to the Court of Appeals for justice.

Appellate law is unlike trial law; the judges are different, the standards of proof are different, and the type of attorney required to perform effectively at that level is different.

The citizens of West Texas have only a single board-certified criminal appellate attorney to turn to when they need representation before the Texas courts of appeal: Lane Haygood.

Why choose a board-certified attorney? Being board-certified indicates that a lawyer has met exceptional requirements for training, education, professionalism, and competency within a specialized field. When you hire a board-certified criminal appellate attorney, you’re not simply hiring an attorney with the most training or schooling. You’re hiring a proven advocate with knowledge beyond that of the average lawyer, a consummate professional. If you require a criminal appeals attorney in West Texas, your best bet is always the Haygood Law Firm.

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